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Gong Yisheng | Opening Ceremony of the 11th China Orthopaedician Annual Meeting

Gong Yisheng | Opening Ceremony of the 11th China Orthopaedician Annual Meeting

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At the beginning of the spring and summer, the flowers bloomed; the bone medical event, a hundred schools of thought contend. On the evening of May 11, the 11th China Orthopaedic Surgeon Annual Meeting (CAOS2018) was opened in Hangzhou. The chairman of the conference and the president of the Chinese Physician Association Orthopaedic Branch, Professor Wang Yan presided over the conference.

The 11th Annual Meeting of Chinese Orthopaedic Surgeons



Opening ceremony

The conference focused on different forms of academic exchanges, including joints, spine, trauma, osteoporosis, orthopedic 3D printing, bone circulation and necrosis, orthopedics, sports medicine, etc. Academic resources benefit every orthopaedic surgeon who comes to attend the meeting, to meet the individual learning needs of different professional orthopedic surgeons of different ages, and to improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment capacity, so as to promote the development of standardized or standardized continuing education in China. There is also a special session of the Chinese Orthopaedic Elite Club to help young and middle-aged orthopedic elites go to the world stage.




Issued 2018CAOS China Top Ten Excellent Orthopaedic Surgeons

The annual meeting continues, and the excitement does not leave. Dean Medical Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes that this meeting will be a complete success, Dean Medical will progress with the orthopedics and develop together!

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