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"A High-Quality Skills Class" - Dean Medical invites instructors to conduct sales skills training!

"A High-Quality Skills Class" - Dean Medical invites instructors to conduct sales skills training!

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In order to enhance the professionalism and enthusiasm of Dean Medical Marketing team personnel, strengthen team cohesion, improve overall work efficiency and sales ability, promote corporate culture construction, adapt to the company's future development and better accomplish various task indicators, 2018 From August 11th to 12th, the company's leadership specially hired Mr. Liu Shuangqing, a senior practical instructor of Kehui (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., to give special training to the company.

Mr. Fang Zhigang, the president of the company, made a presentation on the company's corporate culture, business philosophy, strategic planning, and organizational capacity building. The general manager said: "We always believe in the business philosophy of "Customer is determined to be successful", innovation is the driving force behind the sustainable development of the company, constantly innovating around customer needs, constantly satisfying customer needs, constantly surprise customers, and constantly exceed Customer expectations and continuous realization of customer value proposition. To succeed in our business, our team must have the spirit of "Bright Sword"! "

What is the "Liang Jian" spirit? That is, the team must have the courage to persist, the unstoppable explosiveness and strong cohesiveness, and the need to be shocked. A company can stick to these points, then he has not succeeded, and that is already on the road to success. I believe that under the leadership of the President, our Dean people will be able to play this kind of "sword" spirit, come up with our courage and discouragement, go ahead and go forward, and carry out the orthopedics into the end!


President Mr. Fang Zhigang

During the training, Liu Shuangqing and the company's management leaders have an action-oriented training team. Where can't do it, where is not correct, where is not highlighting the exercise, the students and teachers interact, don't miss every learning detail, don't miss each one The opportunity to exercise.


The "Professional Sales Skills" course revolves around how to make an opening statement; use open and restricted questions to explore the customer's situation and the needs behind the needs; understand the customer needs to introduce relevant features and interests to ask whether to accept; FABE rule, so that the product The selling point is presented; the customer can give the signal to the next step, and reach an agreement with the customer; how to effectively overcome and deal with the customer's care, etc. …… finally realize the common value of the company and the customer!


On-the-spot practice: the process of visiting the director's opening remarks. Using sales scenarios, realizing work scenes, brainstorming, on-site drills, finding solutions; everyone is actively involved, the atmosphere is very strong, and the unique opening remarks are winning a burst of applause, encouragement, and approval. There are also expectations...

As Mr. Liu said: You must understand and meet the needs of your customers to help the company and you succeed.

After the training class, everyone expressed their gratitude to the company for providing employees with the opportunity to learn and recharge, so that everyone has achieved spiritual improvement. This fully reflects that the company's leaders attach great importance to the quality education and ability development of employees. Through the training, everyone has become more clear about the responsibilities of the company's employees, and learned a lot of sales skills, so that they can better use, master, and improve sales in future work practices. The company's leaders encourage everyone to get effective skills improvement in various trainings, constantly pursue innovation, surpass themselves, and strive to build a perfect team to adapt to the development needs of the growing Dean Medical!