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Bai Yansong: Tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, I have six words to say

Bai Yansong: Tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, I have six words to say

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What is the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake? In the past ten years, we have been unable to satisfy ourselves, but to pursue it; for the very urgent task of the next decade, China must use high, precise and world-class standards to measure itself in the development of emergency rescue and disaster medicine.

What is life first? I don't think that 10,000 people's lives are supreme, but everyone's life is supreme. Medicine is always facing everyone. The reason why medicine is medical is because every individual is very different. I invented a sentence called big data from Does not solve individual problems.

What is the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake? In the past ten years, we have been unable to satisfy ourselves, but to pursue it; for the very urgent task of the next decade, China must use high, precise and world-class standards to measure itself in the development of emergency rescue and disaster medicine.

On May 5, 2018, the 2018 Academic Annual Meeting of the Disaster Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Bai Yansong, member of the Standing Committee of the Disaster Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and CCTV host, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech:

He mentioned that on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, there are six sentences that I would like to talk to all those who care about Wenchuan and care about disaster medicine.

In fact, the media people are naturally closely tied to disaster medicine. We are fighting side by side. Think about it. In the whole world, when a major disaster occurred, the reporter was not the first to be present. If not, it is also one.

During the Wenchuan earthquake, the doctors who exchanged the most were doctors. They often received calls when they were on the air, telling us to inform all PLA soldiers to wear helmets, because they today accepted many soldiers who were stoned to the brain.

Maybe I will receive a text message when I broadcast the next time, and the doctor told me that I have to cover my eyes for the rescued wounded. Now this is our normal state ……

For example, in the short-lived broadcast process, Professor Wang Lixiang needs to have a first-aid knowledge like jingle, not to mention the SARS 15 years ago. The first interview in our column was Academician Zhong Nanshan.

Therefore, the media people are naturally tied to disaster medicine, so I learned to participate in the second time. Until now, I think it should be, and it is necessary.

I think the future should be further broadened. The establishment of the alliance today represents our thinking over the years. For disaster medicine and emergency rescue, it is not a participating department or organization that can do its job. It must be a big alliance of three-dimensional cooperation.

The next six sentences.

In the first sentence, what should we use to face the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake?

In fact, I still have some concerns. I don't want to see the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in the way of knocking drums and reflecting achievements.

Of course, we have made great achievements. We are burning wildfire on the ruins, and the spring breeze is born again, but this is not a time to beat the drums, we are facing It is a disaster that everyone has a painful feeling.


The most important commemoration on May 12, 2018 is two. The first is to remember the deceased, and even to have a certain degree of hope and gratitude for the deceased, because they protect the living, this is the first.

At the same time, we should also take care of all their family members. Think about it. The number of people we died in the earthquake was close to 70,000, and the number of missing people was close to 20,000. From this, we will get their families, relatives, friends and colleagues. What kind of number is this?

We still have 370,000 injured people in the Wenchuan earthquake, so it is the most important thing we should do on May 12, 2018 to comfort the deceased, comfort the living, and cheer for all the people ahead.

Second, I think it is a forum-like activity like today, that is, we must face the tenth anniversary with the change, progress and protection of more people's security. I don't think it is a moment when the flags are flying, not the time to beat the drums.

Not everyone is saying that you see what we have done, how many things are done, and life can't come back. I think an event like today is an event that has been in existence for ten years.

In the second sentence, once a poet said, "Love is our only guide", I think that for all media people, and for all medical people, pain is both our goal and our guide. .

An important mission of medicine is to eliminate pain, so pain is our goal, but have you found out? For all medical people, pain is also a guide. The patient you are most afraid of is the person who doesn't know where it hurts.

As long as there is pain, everything is easy to do. Life is because of the pain, so that doctors can go to the goal of stopping pain. The doctor is most afraid of people who have no pain. When a person really does not feel pain, he may be the most hurt, he is the most dangerous.

The Wenchuan earthquake is a pain of the Chinese nation, and it is this pain that has become a goal we are sitting here today. How do we stop the pain and it is not so painful in the future? Is this not our guide? We are starting from the pain and progressing under the guidance of pain.

Our first book on disaster medicine was published after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2009. It was Professor Wang Yizhen (including Professor Liu Zhongmin). Isn't this the first foundation work under the pain guide? Then we got here today and saw people who are progressing, changing and more beginning to feel safe. Walking in the streets of many cities in China, you become more likely to see the words "Emergency Shelter".

Coincidentally and inevitably, when I made "Yan Song to see Japan" in 2007, I took out half an hour to do Japan's disaster reduction and disaster prevention, including earthquakes and fires. I didn't expect this program to be in the Wenchuan earthquake a year later. I have been broadcast many times, I am not proud, all media people should have a function of weather forecast, you have to anticipate what might happen in the future.

The Wenchuan Earthquake is a pain for all Chinese people, but don't let this pain become a blunt feeling. Slowly we don't feel it. Fortunately, the scar can't forget the pain. The pain is too important for medicine.

The third sentence, ten years, is different in the development of disaster medicine and the development of emergency rescue. Ten years is different from one year and two years. An important idea in the past ten years should be that we can't be satisfied with "having", but pursuing "good".

The first news I heard when I first arrived in Chengdu early this morning is that WHO is about to evaluate China’s third international emergency team, Huaxi. China’s first international emergency rescue team is here. I believe that Huaxi's international emergency rescue team will surely pass the WHO assessment and become China's third international emergency rescue team.

But there is a misunderstanding here. Many people think that the international emergency rescue team is set up? Is it to go to the international community to undertake more rescue missions? I said no. This may be unexpected, call this name, why is the first task not it? I said of course not, we must not ignore this, it first means the standard.

The international emergency rescue team was born in China. The first is to raise China's standards for emergency rescue. We have now begun to improve our system with the highest standards. There may be a fourth and sixth branch in the future, and dozens of national-level ones will also move closer to this standard in the future.


A rescue country like China, which is such a big country, is not a single-digit concept. More importantly, it may not necessarily be confirmed by WHO in the future, but we must at least meet or exceed this standard. So in my opinion, the criteria for the evaluation of West China in these days and in the coming days are the most important.


Other emergency rescues in our country also need to take this standard and ask ourselves. Just like the four-star and five-star hotels, it first represents more than just a level of comfort, but a standard. This small detail reminds us that many things we have done now have reached ten years. We are not satisfied in 2010, 2012, and ten years.


Including such an academic forum, we should not discuss some of the most basic ideas, but should develop them in a good way. At the threshold of ten years, we must think about the concerns of the disaster medical branch in the next decade. What is the point? Higher standards and higher requirements.


I think that in 20 years, it will no longer be satisfied with or is good, and should be satisfied with high and fine and absolute international first class. Failure to do this is incompatible with the pace of China's progress in the country, and it is also not compatible with the four words written on the blackboard ten years ago.


Therefore, my colleagues in all disaster medical chapters should understand that even the good will be a thing of the past and a very urgent task for the next decade. China must use high, fine and world-class standards to measure itself in the development of emergency rescue and disaster medicine. .

In the fourth sentence, when it comes to the development of disaster relief and disaster medicine, I have to say a word. I think that military and doctors should be the last to be used, as long as they are the first to be killed in any of our disasters. The power of use still shows that there are still many problems in our normal disaster response and rescue.


Because there is a very big premise here, when our Health Planning Commission has been renamed the National Health and Wellness Committee, I am welcome on the one hand in the live broadcast of the two sessions this year. On the other hand, I also put forward a different opinion. I think Health should be ahead and should be the National Health and Wellness Committee.


Of course, this is an over-extension. I think that when it is the National Health and Health Committee, it will remove the health for the future and become an important foundation for the National Health Council. One day, health will embrace many concepts. Now Clearly put forward the big strategy of healthy China. When it comes to health, what is the first place? It is not a cure for illness, it is safe, and this is only a very strong pain when doing media.


We often save doctors' lives for 365 days a year, regardless of the night, but a disaster or a war may make the numbers we save back quickly fill in and even surpass it. The number of people we save every year is compared with the number of people killed in the war, sometimes giving doctors a sense of powerlessness. Therefore, safety is the first priority. This requires us to first come to see a safer environment when it comes to disaster relief and earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.


School buildings must be of high quality, and residents' homes must be of high quality. Earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher must be used to measure our ever-increasing buildings. There should be emergency shelters around us. What's more important is that each of our children must do various emergency drills during the course of his life's growth, including some disaster prevention common sense of life.


The prevention of language and the prevention of exercise have been completely different. I witnessed in Japan in 2007 how the pupils of the second year of Japan were ignoring the fire alarm after they did not inform them at all. Transfer to the playground of the school.


At that moment, I didn't know what to say. The children were all wearing towels, bowing their heads, bending and walking, and then went to the school playground, unconventional. And I know best, the alarm bell is my temporary noise, did not inform the teacher and the children in advance, so the rehearsal is not the same as speaking.


I am very sorry to tell you that we have tested it. Now the proportion of fire extinguishers in China is extremely low. Everyone can see fire extinguishers in their lives. This work has been done very well, but if there are 300 people in the room, I am I believe that at least 250 people will not use the fire extinguisher correctly within one minute. What is the use of the fire extinguisher? So what is the use of fire extinguishers around us? Because when you can use it in 6 minutes, it is possible that your life will be harmed.