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Construction project environmental impact report form

Construction project environmental impact report form

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Construction Project Environmental Impact Report Form (Trial)

Project Name: Implant materials and artificial organs, orthopedics (Orthopedics) surgical instruments, basic surgical instruments manufacturing project Construction unit (seal): Dean Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Date of preparation: May 2017

Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Agency System

Preparation Notes for the Construction Project Environmental Impact Report Form

The Construction Project Environmental Impact Report Form is prepared by a unit that has qualifications for environmental impact assessment work.

1. The project name —— refers to the name of the project when it is approved, no more than 30 words (two English fields for one Chinese character).

2. Construction site —— refers to the detailed address of the project location, and the road and railway should fill in the starting and ending locations.

3. Industry category & mdash; & mdash; fill in by national standard.

4. Total investment & mdash; — refers to the total project investment.

5. The main environmental protection targets —— refers to a certain area around the project area, residential areas, schools, hospitals, cultural relics, scenic spots, water sources and ecological sensitive points, etc., should give protection objectives, nature, Scale and distance from the factory boundary.

6. Conclusions and recommendations —— give the analysis conclusions of clean production, emission standards and total amount control of the project, determine the effectiveness of pollution prevention measures, explain the impact of the project on the environment, and give the environmental feasibility of the construction project. Clear conclusions. Other suggestions for reducing environmental impact are also presented.

7. Pre-audit opinions —— The competent department of the industry fills in the reply comments, without the competent department project, you can leave it blank.

8. Approval comments —— has the approval of the environmental protection administrative department responsible for approving the project.