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2013 Dean Year-end Conference

2013 Dean Year-end Conference

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In 2013, Dean's annual summary commendation and 2014 annual strategic goal publicity conference was held in the Jinling Jiangnan Hotel in Changzhou yesterday, and it was a complete success! Chairman: Fang Zhigang, Supervisor: General Yao, Marketing: Mr. Wu, Marketing Director: Liu Zong, Production Director: Gong Zong, attended the meeting.


The annual meeting was full of excitement, and the Dean elites were beautiful and enthusiastic, and the passionate performances brought a shocking visual feast to the leaders, guests and all the staff present. Mr. Fang Zhigang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, took the stage to publicize the 2014 strategic goals and congratulate the New Year! The leaders of various departments reviewed Dean's 2013 journey and affirmed the brilliant achievements in 2013. Dean step by step and develop a new height of Dean every year, which is inseparable from the hard work of frontline employees; Dean Today, we cannot do without the joint efforts of front-line employees. If we pay, we must have a return;


Mr. Fang Zhigang, Chairman of the Board of Directors commended and awarded the outstanding employees of Dean in 2013; Dean's soaring is inseparable from the efficient management of the heads of various departments. As the backbone of the company, they lead their departments and keep up with the company's development pace; Carrying heavy burdens, as a team model, youth and business are flying together, talents and enterprises to forge ahead;