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R & D Engineer



R & D Engineer

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Job duties

1. According to the company's overall planning and production needs, select new products with higher feasibility as development targets, and propose development projects
2. Write the “Feasibility Report”, fill out the “New Technology Development Form”, submit the new product project leader for review, combine the company's equipment design new product process, determine the key points and difficulties, and determine the new product inspection standards, methods and means. Br /> 3. Experiment with the difficulties in the new product process, determine and continually modify the specific experimental methods, propose the manufacturing auxiliary tools and tooling, fixtures, and the equipment and instruments to be purchased, determine the raw materials required for the project, and identify the suppliers. ;
3. Participate in product development, research and development, and develop development plans
4. Complete the technical documentation and drawing design work according to the R&D plan, record all working elements in time, and compile complete product documents.
5. Responsible for tracking pre-production, guiding and supervising all production processes, and timely solving problems encountered in production
6. After the product is fully mature, hand over the entire set of technical documents, guide and help the production system personnel to produce, and provide the marketing department with information on processing capacity and price
7. Summarize product development experience, continuous product improvement, and design modification and design improvement according to the reasonable requirements of customers or relevant departments of the company to complete product stereotypes.
8. Assist the quality and sales department to solve customer technical problems and improve customer service.
9. Provide technical support for product bidding.
10. Accept special tasks and temporary tasks arranged by department leaders

Once hired, all insurances are paid in accordance with national regulations.
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