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Marketing management

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Marketing Manager Regional Manager



Marketing Manager Regional Manager

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Job duties

1. Formulate the next year's sales policy and marketing plan at the end of each year, decompose the plan, and supervise the implementation after approval.
2. Complete various sales indicators issued by the company.
3. Determine the sales strategy and supervise the execution.
4. Develop and improve the marketing network.
5. Supervise the timely collection of receivables.
6. Responsible for the nomination of marketing staff appointments.
7. Arrangement, inspection, supervision, inspection, and assessment of the completion of the subordinates' work.
8. Effective management of agents and coordination of processes.
9. Review the relevant documents of the Marketing Section and issue documents within the scope of authority
10. Do a good job of communication and contact with the horizontal department, and solve problems in time.

Once hired, all insurances are paid in accordance with national regulations.
Company address: No. 10, Jinshajiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China; 
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