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Marketing management

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Regional Marketing Director



Regional Marketing Director

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1. Formulate the next year's sales policy and marketing plan at the end of each year, decompose the plan, and supervise the implementation after approval.
2. Determine the sales strategy and supervise the execution.
3. Develop and improve the marketing network.
4. Responsible for the management of personnel in the marketing center
5. Effective management of agents and coordination of processes.
6. Collect market information, analyze market trends, characteristics and development trends, and customer needs.

1. Have more than three years of work experience in sales or above, have comprehensive management ability in market sales of orthopedics, and sales ability
2. Business management, marketing and other related majors
3. Familiar with marketing training, management theory training, medical regulations, legal training, product quality awareness training, etc.
4. Master the professional knowledge of medical equipment and orthopedic consumables
5, with market research, marketing management, social public relations and other professional knowledge, understand contract law, economic law, orthopedics and other knowledge

Once hired, all insurances are paid in accordance with national regulations.
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