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Sterile inspector



Sterile inspector

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Job duties

1. Responsible for the detection of microbial limits, sterility, positive control, and microparticles of medical devices and purified water;
2. Record the test process, raw data, and organize the test records and reports;
3. Environmental monitoring and maintenance, inspection and sampling work in the company's clean areas;
4. Familiar with the passage, preservation and use of strains;
5. Preparation and preparation of test reagents and articles, inactivation of culture medium strains, etc.;
6. Familiar with national, international and regional reference standards related to testing, participation in the development and revision of testing methods and related SOPs;
7. Make good use of laboratory instruments and reagents, as well as routine maintenance and management of instruments and equipment;
8. Identify problems in management and propose rationalization suggestions;
9. Complete other tasks assigned by the superiors.

Once hired, all insurances are paid in accordance with national regulations.
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